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STS, Samiflex
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Metal Bellows
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Samiflex Couplings:
. Ample Torque transmission, High speed, Compact, Light, Flexib
Zero Backlash couplings:
Backlash free torque transmission
Hi Temperature Spring Couplings:
Spring assembly with 3 Layers

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Zero Backlash couplings

Zero Backlash couplings offer backlash free torque transmission combined with high torsional stiffness, low moment of inetria and compensation for radial, axial and angular misalignments. Offered to cater to torque capacity from 0.4 Nm to 5000 Nm with bore diameters from 3mm to 85 mm in divergent models, including plain bore/keyway, side and top clamping, internal and external conical hubs. Hubs are of Aluminium & Steel (based on torque) while the central flexible element is of Stainless Steel to transmit power and provide flexibility. Specials (on request) are also designed to suit individual requirements. StS Gmbh, a new comer to direct marketing has been the main sub-contractor for the past decade or so to a leading and reputed coupling manufacturer. Successfully working in varied applications, all over the country. StS also manufactures the entire range of Servo-insert couplings, Magnetic couplings and Safety couplings.

Samiflex Couplings

A revolutionary coupling offering not just transmission but simplicity in all respects. Ample Torque transmission, High speed, Compact, Light, Flexible and most importantly easy to inspect replace the insert and assemble/dismantling of the total coupling There are just 4 parts to the Samiflex coupling. The two identical hubs are made from high-strength cast iron/ductile iron/steel/aluminium (based on torque). The Elastic insert made from a special polyurethane elastomer, fits between the hubs. Finally the outer retaining ring (of steel or polyamide) suitably designed to grip the insert, in place. Ideal for pumps, Paper/Cement/Steel/Mines, standard industrial machinery wherever time is of consequence in maintenance, dismantling/assembly The selection covers torque capacity from 0.70KW (at 1000 rpm) to 3,670 Kw in 17 models with bore range from 6mm to 210 mm diameters. Brakewheel and disc, Spacer, Floating Couplings are available in standard sizes, apart from specials catering to varied interests.

Hi Temperature Spring Couplings

This rotation – elastic transmission element consists of a spring assembly with 3 layers, with each layer comprising 3 single springs with square cross section. This spring assembly is linked by hubs / flanges – according to standard sizes. Compact with high torque transmission, Bamatec couplings offer lower inertia. Higher speeds are also possible. Standard models (completely in steel) can be used between -40 to +100 ºC. Special couplings cater to temperature upto +300 ºC. Torque capability from 2.5Nm to 900 Nm, speeds upto 20,000 rpm and bore range from 4mm to 75mm Can be supplied in Stainless Steel, also.