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Place of Origin:
South Korea
Brand Name:
PTC Coupling
Standard or Nonstandard:
Taper Grid Coupling
Flexible or Rigid:

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We believe that the most important thing of all is to be the best in the field and area that we belong to. That is the way we "PTC" put our most efforts to learn every possible advanced technology. PTC has proudly manfactured and distributed Power Transmission Components since 1989.PTC’s products are manufactured in a modern plant equipped with all necessary design,development and production facilities, PTC factory operates under the total quality assurance according to ISO9001 standard.Our objectives have always been to deliver World-Class Power Transmission Couplings and we proude ourselves in offering not only product but the craftsmanship as it is.

Product Types:

1. Mechanical Parts.

Mechanical Parts: Grid Coupling

Characteristic & Merit:

We can get more favorable convenience and cost down by using thePTCTaper Grid Steel Flexible Coupling.

Parallel: The movement of the grid in the lubricated grooves accom-modates parallel misalign-ment and steel permits full function-ing of the grid-groove action in damping out shock and vibration.

Angular: Under angular misalignment, the gridgroove design permits a rocking and sliding action of the lubricated grid and hubs without any loss of power through the resilient grid.

End Float: Limited end float of driving and drivenmembers is permitted because the grid slides freely in the lubricated grooves.

Torsional Flexibility: Torsional flexibility is the advantage of PTC Taper Grid Couplings, providing flexible accommodation to changing load conditions.

1. Light Load

The grid bears near the outer edges of the hub teeth. The long span between the points of